Fun Halter Dress

At $79 this Victoria Secret dress is on the expensive side, but it's very bright cheerful and fun. I'd wear it with a purple or yellow half cardigan with long sleeves and a solid yellow or cream colored scarf.

The New Hijab

I came across a post on Unique Muslimah about the New Hijab. She talks about how in cairo women cover their hair but then wear tight and revealing clothes. You can read the rest of the blog and comments here

One thing I found quite interesting is the word "mohtasheema" which means the one who is wearing a veil but wearing tight clothes. Quite an interesting distinction.

After reading the comments I started to wonder about what it's like in other countries. I know in Nigeria my biggest issue is the fact that women are practically forced by society to wear the huge prayer hijabs that go anywhere from below the waist to the ankles. I know there are a lot of sisters who'd say there's nothing wrong with that, they're properly covered etc etc but my biggest issue is that it's not really a matter of choice so much. Society expects you to wear that and if you don't, well people will automatically assume you're a certain type of person. My problem with that is that it takes away people's choice, and it makes me wonder how many women are wearing it because of Allah and how many just because they don't want to face the alternative? I think wearing hijab should be a personal choice and I think that as we get older we tend to look inwards a bit more and make choices like that because of our imaan. So while I disapprove of the sisters wearing tight clothes with hijab I understand that we all go through our inner struggles.

And perhaps it's better to be forced to wear hijab before you personally make that committment but I find it difficult to make that choice for myself when I feel it forced upon me. I feel rather conflicted about this topic.

What's With Attacks on Hijab?

What's with all the recent attacks on hijab and all the hijab bans popping up left and right? What happened to freedom of expression and of speech and of fashion? If some teenager decides to let his underwear show and his jeans hang off his butt, no one is up in an uproar, instead it's called a "trend" he's respected and admired amongst his peers for being bold, daring, and fashionable. Yet when a muslim woman wears a hijab which has been around since before Mary mother of Jesus, and even more recently worn by fashion icons like Grace Kelley and Audrey Hepburn, they're ridiculed, scorned and face sanctions.

It's bad enough that countries like France and Germany are banning Hijabs, but what about countries with muslim majorities like Turkey and Tunisia? If you can't wear a hijab in a muslim country without being afraid of being harassed, then where on God's good earth are you supposed to wear it?

Thankfully for sisters fortunate enough to be in America that freedom is protected by the constitution, subhanAllah my brothers and sisters we should be very afraid that in our own home countries people are making it difficult for our sisters to wear hijab. We owe it to ourselves to be aware of what's going on and to be truly thankful for our freedom to wear hijab.

Muslim Girl Magazine Review

So on Saturday I got my first Muslim Girl Magazine. I was so excited. Like everyone, I'd heard about the magazine and been to the website which is sadly lacking in information. I'd seen videos on Youtube and references on different sites so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Most of the reviews I saw were bad, but offcourse always stubborn I wanted to make up my mind about it. So I subscribed and after I'd given up hope of ever seeing it, it showed up.

I must say I was very disappointed. It ended up being like a really fancy glossy catalog. The clothes & accesories they featured were really not that cute or original or interesting. And there was only 1 or perhaps 2 women wearing hijab in the whole magazine. Very few articles. The only feature I liked was that of muslim designers. I checked out their sites, but I already knew most of them anyway. The only other article I found informative was one about how Tunisia is banning the hijab in Universities and some public places. I was disappointed that they didn't have an interview with the cover girl and only had her "stats"

There seemed to be one too many pictures of girls in makeup and they just looked like random stock pictures that didn't always connect to the story.

I was really saddened by the magazine because I was really truly looking forward to having a Muslim Girl friendly magazine to read. Azizah and Al Jumuah are much better.

I think next I'll subscribe to Sisters magazine hopefully that'll be better. But I think it's geared to an older demographic?

Any other sisters subscribe to Muslim Girl? Did you like it? Or not? I know it's easy to criticize others when they're doing something that you can't or aren't doing, but I feel that this Magazine has labeled itself as a "Muslim" Magazine, so we should have a say in what we value and what we like or dislike about it. And perhaps they'll listen or perhaps someone else will listen and create a magazine for us.

Here are some links to some Muslim sisters' reviews on Muslim Girl Magazine.

Confessions of a Sore Thumb

Polka Dotted Top

Dress Impress has a really cute top that's made of polka dots and at $26 this top is a really good bargain.

Regal in Blue

I love this Ophelia strapless dress from Ann Taylor I love the way it drapes beautifully. As always I can't help but be frustrated by the fact that it's strapless and sleeveless. I really look forward to start working on my own clothing line. I'm very inspired by victorian and elizabethan era type clothing. I console myself with the fact that I can't even afford this dress anyway. But lets say it was a $40 dress I'd wear a white cardigan with it. and matching plain blue polyester scarf.

Crazy About Prints

Do prints drive you crazy in a good way or in a bad way? Sometimes I see geometric prints or florals that I absolutely love! At others I see those that resemble a rorshach (is that how you spell it?) test to me.

Ann Taylor mostly does prints well as does Old Navy

Feeling Brown

Today I came up with a little outfit that I'm very pleased with. Maybe I'll take a picture of it and show you guys. I basically put on a very plain no fuss no frills (just the way I like them) dark brown Jilbab and then put on a lighter shade of brown deep V neck sweater from JC Penney and then topped it with an almost equal shade of dark brown hijab.

Silk Scarves

I'm in love with silk scarves. The colors, the textures, the patterns and different ways of wearing them all appeal to me. My biggest problem though is that the prettier they are, the more expensive they are.

Which is why I really like the scarves from Halal Kids. They have variety but their prices are reasonable at $8 a scarf plus shipping and handling, I can get scarves I actually like without having to think twice. I bought the brown circle scarf and it's about 42" x 42". I thought it'd be hard to keep it on, but with an underscarf which you can get from a number of places including Hijab Girl it stays put with or without a pin. But it's much easier with a pin.

I really like the pink horsewhip scarf I'm just trying to figure out if I have an outfit to go with it. What do you think?

Marabo Online - Fashionably Modest Award Winner

Marabo Online is a Muslim design company that has some very chic and stylish outfits. They fit the standards for Fashionable Modesty. And the best part is that their prices are affordable. So next time you're planning to upgrade your wardrobe, be sure to pay them a visit at Marabo Online

They are the first recipients of the Fashionably Modest Award. I wish them lots of success and may they continue to create inspired Fashionably Modest clothing for all of us.

Gold Silk Printed Dress

Surprise surprise another perfect dress I can't afford. This jessa dress is elegant, feminine and so very modest that I want to kiss the designer. Marlene Birger is a very talented designer who puts a lot of details in her clothes, I just wish her prices were much more affordable.

Yellow Silk Gown

If I had a wishlist this would be #1 on it. This dress is soooooooo beautiful, I'm practically drooling. Unfortunately it's $645 price tag puts a big frown on my face.

A girl can dream can't she? :) Imagine it with a yellow or a white cardigan. Or better yet, with a black or brown velvet blazer.

For those with a higher budget than moi, please feel free to go get it from Chick Downtown the exact link is here

I promise not to be jealous:)

Color Me Happy

Color makes me happy, lots of color, the more, the brighter the cheerier! So I'm thrilled about the colors out this season. And although not everyone is ready to color themselves from top to bottom, just colorizing while you accessorize is enough. Just add a white long sleeve shirt, tunic or blouse to any of these sets and you'll have your self a heck of an outfit. Professional, fun, sophisticated and colorful!

Crinkle Chiffon Blouse

This loose fitting chiffon blouse is beautiful. It's loose fitting and can be dressed up or down. However you choose to wear it, you'll feel very feminine but without being revealing. You can get it from Newport-News

Trench Your Way to the Perfect Outfit

I love trench coats, whether they're black, white, red, pink or olive in any color they make you look chic with minimal effort. My Pick for this seasons must have item is the Trench. Below I've found some trenches in different styles, colors and price brackets.

What's so lovely about trench coats is not just the fact that they come in a variety of colors and textures, but how easy it is to get ready with one and how fabulous they make your jeans, or pants look.

Off course the number 1 reason I love trenches is how Fashionably Modest they look. So enjoy trench season while it lasts.