Ramadan Mubarak & A Little Update

Daily Hijabi Magazine

Salamu Alaykum Dear Readers,

Sorry I've vanished for months! I've been busy launching a magazine and website Daily Hijabi as I mentioned before I disappeared. Which means that Fashionably Modest maybe merging or morphing into Daily Hijabi. You can follow the progress of Daily Hijabi on Twitter and sign up for the newsletter and to be notified when the site/blog is completed at Daily Hijabi For those of you living in Abuja, you can pick up a copy of Daily Hijabi at newstands and vendors.

The Magazine & Website will cover all topics from religion, to fashion, to health, finances and lots more so I hope you join me at Daily Hijabi.

Thank you, and may Allah grant us all the blessings of Ramadan.

An Ode to Deola

Deola Sagoe Dress

Since I can't get enough of Deola, here's another dress from her collection. It's beautiful but has a really deep plunging neckline that you'll have to cover up with a pashmina or something.

Designer: Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe Art in Fashion

Deola Sagoe

On today's runways and in fashion stores, we find that we've seen most things before and that few things strike us as "fresh" and "innovative". Deola Sagoe is one of those few designers that really offers striking innovative art. I'm so in love with her use of colors, choice of textiles and design sense. Unfortunately her clothes can only be considered modest with a lot of layering. Here's one piece that can be worn as a tunic and would look lovely with a loose flowing skirt or some pants.

Designer: Deola Sagoe

One Step at a Time

So I'm back from Camp and not officially starting work until the Tuesday after Easter. I have a few more dresses finished that have gotten a tonne of compliments. They are the 3rd pieces in the Work Wear Collection and I'm extremely proud of them. I know you're all wondering when the photo shoot will happen. I dropped by the photography studio yesterday and I still am not happy with the prices they're charging. So until we reach some agreement, I'll keep working on the clothes and if at the end of the day they're not willing to compromise on the price, then you might be stuck with my photography :)

I'm looking for sisters to help me with this blog and another site for Hijabi's Daily Hijabi so if you're interested please drop me a line to nusrah.wali@gmail.com thanks!

Salsa's Dress

Salsa's Dress

My 12 year old sister wore this bright dress today and I couldn't resist taking a picture of it. It's long and goes all the way to her ankles but the top has a low neckline and very short sleeves so I'm only showing the bottom half. What do you think of the color? The fabric?

The Blouse Jilbab


So I took a picture of one of the latest pieces from my collection. My camera acted out so I didn't get to take enough pictures. Here's one that came out okay. I made this blouse jilbab for all the girls who want something that's a little fun and feminine but still completely modest. Right now it's available in fuchsia and brown. And it comes in two versions, with pockets and without. It's long and loose and has detail on the neck and the wrists. You'll get to see the whole dress soon!

Designer: Me!

New York Fashion Week: Adam


I'm not entirely sure why this designer has only one name but I love this outfit he put together. I think red is a difficult color to wear but this red jacket looks AMAZING with the cream colored mini dress. Surprisingly the red tights look good, but I'd wear this with brown work pants for a lovely New York fall/winter look. And I certainly wouldn't wear those velvet shoes.

Designer: Adam

New York Fashion Week: Academy of Art

Academy of Art

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this outfit. It seems partially drab, but at the same time I like the layering. It has a laid back-I don't care attitude which I dig. And I like the denim like color peeking through at the bottom and the light nice blue above it, what I don't like is the plaid-ish, white-blue color of the rest of the dress. The fingerless gloves are punkish and they match the black socks or tights. So all in all a mixed reaction for me but it's certainly an interesting outfit that covers and has personality.

Designer: Academy of Art

My Collection Preview

My Collection

Although I promised to have these pics up in February I failed miserably. Time is completely to blame. Here are some sneak peeks of some of the dresses from my collection that I took in my room. I'm not going to spoil them by showing everything. I'll wait till after the photo-shoot to post complete pics. Please leave comments I'd love to hear what you think!!

I started camp today and although I made it home today, I may or may not be back for three weeks. If you don't hear from me, then I'm away at camp and away from the internet. Till soon, stay blessed and keep fighting time!

Designer: Me!

New York Fashion Week: Max Azria


I really like the first outfit, it's so New York, so chic and very professional. As for the dress I found it interesting because it covers and because they layered it with long sleeves. They already hijabified it, so you don't have to! How cool is that?!

Designer: Max Azria

New York Fashion Week: Mara Hoffman


Mara Hoffman's collection is all about prints and layers. Some of these prints don't look that great from afar but when you come up close, they're beautiful. I love how she layers some of the outfits and that nearly everything has long sleeves and goes past your butt lengthwise.

Designer: Mara Hoffman

New York Fashion Week: Chado Ralph Rucci


These dresses by Chado Ralph Rucci are lovely. I have issues with both of them though. Before I saw the detail of the print on the left dress I was so excited and loved the big bold color amidst a black canvas. When I realized the detail was an image of a statue possibly a Buddha, I wasn't very happy. That being said, I like the cut of the dress and the idea of a large (preferably inanimate) print. It would work nicely with a cardigan or a bolero or some really long gloves and a pashmina.

The second dress looks like an abaya to me, although a little tighter than need be. And off course it's transparent. I actually like that about it because it gives you a chance to add your personality to the outfit. Add a vest, a sweater or t-shirt with a bright bold color inside and watch it pop through the mosaic.

Designer: Chado Ralph Rucci

New York Fashion Week: Chocheng


I can't stop looking at this dress. I like it's color and that slight grecian feel it has. Most of all it excites me to see an outfit that's perfectly fashionably modest! All hijabis need to complete this look is a scarf and any kind will do. Although a silk or satin one would probably work best. The best part is you can pair this dress with different jackets to add color and texture to the dress.

Designer: Chocheng

New York Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Dress

When I think about beautiful elegant dresses that are wearable, I think Carolina Herrera. Her clothes have an old world glamour about them and seem to offer a certain confidence and elegance to the wearer. This outfit because of it's muted color is very wearable and the sweater makes it very comfortable and liveable. The bouncy skirt at the bottom adds a touch of romance and girlish femininity.

Designer: Carolina Herrera

Have a Little Navy Fun

Sharah Navy Combo

Sharah Collection is the brain child of Nazeela Rahman-Shaw. She's one of recently emerging muslim designers hijabifying the modern world of fashion. While I applaud her work, I'm not the biggest fan of Sharah Collection. I find most of their clothes to be matronly, but this two piece navy combo is out of this world! The scarf they use adds just the right amount of color so it's not completely monochromatic. Even the model looks like she's enjoying the outfit.

Designer: Sharah

New York Fashion Week: Ana Sui

Ana Sui Tops

New York Fashion Week has a few Hijab friendly pieces that are cute. I like these dresses from Ana Sui. They're long with long sleeves and would work really well with long pants underneath. Even the neck has a high collar. They're Victorian inspired and have that lacy femininity. That being said, I'm sure the price tag will be what keeps you away.

Designer: Ana Sui

Artizara Denim Hoodie

Artizara Denim Hoodie

This is such a lovely treat. I'm such a big fan of hoodies and think they instantly hijabify unruly tops. What makes this hoodie so cool is that it has been lengthened so that not only does it hijabify the top of your outfit, but it hijabifies the bottom. I'd love to see this hoody in different fabric and colors though because I'm not a big fan of wearing denim on top.

Designer: Artizara

The Scarf Makes all the Difference

Although I've chosen this outfit today, I'm not it's biggest fan. I chose it because of the scarf. I like the scarf's color and how it matches the outfit perfectly. It adds a bit of seriousness and sophistication to a playful dress. And off course the sleeves are just the way I like them. Nice and loose but gathered at the wrist so they don't slide off and get in your way.

Designer: Setrms

Marabo's Sofia Blouse

Marabo Sofia Blouse

I love this Polka Dot Sofia Blouse from Marabo. It's long, simple and perfect for summer. I'm always looking for something that's light and airy but very modest as well and this is the perfect combination. They have the same blouse in different colors so there's something for everyone!

Designer: Marabo

The Devil is in the Embroidery

Al Anwar Embroidery

I chose this embroidered Abaya because of the colorful embroidery. It reminds me of all these colorful moroccan robes I've been seeing. Moroccans really love color and detail which is one of the things I love about this country! I wanted to just take pictures of everything so that I could create a color scrap book, but they've just joined the collage of colorful outfits in my mental scrap book. Sometimes I blink and I see a dress in amazing colors and textures and I know I haven't seen it before. So I wonder whether it's my subconscious creating outfits out of all the inspirational things I've seen over the years. For me fashion is about color and texture. I love color and that sensation you get from looking at a pink flower next to it's green stem, or a rich painting contrasting on a white wall. Everything about Morocco screams color. From the orange trees that line the pavements to the detailed islamic art etched into the ceilings and the myriad of colors in the furniture. I can't get enough of the art and color in the tagines and bowls, and lets not get started on clothes! lol even the food is colorful with all the veggies in a couscous. Okay maybe the Moroccan Tourism Board should hire me!

Designer: Al Anwar Fashion

Out in Morocco

So this weekend dawned with me in Morocco. If you had asked me last week where would I be, I certainly wouldn't have said Morocco. But that is how destiny works. My aunt is ill and I came with her to the hospital. So please pray for a speedy recovery for her insha'Allah. Just wanted to give an update on why I haven't made a post in a while. Till soon, stay warm.

A Nigerian Wedding

I attended a Nigerian wedding yesterday. It would fall under the category of "platinum wedding" and I can't begin to imagine how much money they spent on it. There were so many events and it's still going on actually. My friend was there since tuesday and she told me of the many dinners and dances and while there yesterday, I attended two seperate events. In the afternoon there was a ladies luncheon with traditional musicians performing. There was some dancing and everyone got a goody bag with a towellete, a foil container with snacks, potpourri with a little perfume bottle and some napkins. The dinner was invitation only and since only my mom had gotten an invitation, I didn't expect to attend. But my aunt got me an invite. Not expecting to attend, I didnt have anything extra to wear, but luckily I had just collected a few more dresses from my collection before the trip so I wore the yellow sari dress. I'd gotten the fabric in dubai and I think of all the fabric I bought that one just might be the most striking and the most beautiful.

I know you're wondering where the pictures are at. I'm sorry I don't have any. I don't like travelling with my bulky camera and I don't have a click and shoot yet, sorry. But as soon as the bride gets her pics together, I'll post some.

The dinner was mixed although the guys were few and sat on one side while the ladies were everywhere else. There was a stage with two high chairs for the bride and groom. And there's a custom called "Ashobe" or "Ashoke" or "Anko" depending on where you're from and it's where all the brides friends and family wear the same clothes. I'm not a big fan as I love to see different colors and styles on people. But the color they chose a blue lace with yellow trim was beautiful and all the women had sewn theirs differently so there was enough variety. They then wore a "Gwaggoro" on their heads which is a very staticy and tough scarf that's shaped into a type of hat that you put on your head. It's what these ladies are wearing in the picture. Except the one people wore at the wedding was a goldish, yellowish, green.

They had goody bags at the second event as well, these ones had another hand made bag which was green with blue accents. And inside were pashmina scarves, ceramic plates, and ceramic perfume burners, tealights, and cups. Some people got cutting boards, others got little plastic baskets and others got huge hand weaved baskets with lids. I don't even remember some of the things. In the morning we got another goody bag this one was like the luis vuitton bag everyone has except white and blue. There was also a pashmina shawl and an under cap.

There was a Governer's wife and a Deputy Governer's wife in attendance from different states. I can only imagine what tonight's dinner (which I'm not attending) will be like. While the whole wedding has been a feast for the eyes, I'm glad that unlike my friend I didn't have to attend all the events. And glad that I'm not one of the family members during this week when they have to deal with all the guests and all the chaos that ensues during weddings. I wish the newly weds best of luck. But am more determined than ever to have a one day wedding!!

Although these aren't my pics, they'll give you an idea of what the wedding looked like.

Kimono Simple


As most everyone knows, when it comes to clothes, bells and whistles don't impress me. I'm more a fan of fabric and color and texture. Other than that, I prefer simple and understated. I get sick and tired of Abayas with so much embroidery on them, or dresses with huge bows, and tonnes of buttons and beading. So for me this Kimono being very simple, scores high points.

Designer: Unknown

Setrms Futuristic White

Setrms is all about sharp, professional attire. This white futuristic jacket is no exception. It's definitely not for the voluptuous woman. But for ladies who've got the figure for it, this jacket is rocking!! So go ahead and channel your inner rock star.

Designer: Setrms

Tekay Peach Gold

TeKay Designs does it again. Here's an adorable two piece with flare and style. As if the color itself wasn't pretty enough, the design adds some more flavour. I'm not even sure what color the outfit is, but I love it!

Designer: TeKay Designs

The Little "Red Dress"

Red Kimono

As an opposite to the innocent Armine outfit, here's a slightly naughty Japanese Kimono. I really adore Kimono's though i've never owned one, or even worn one. I wonder about the bulk it has in the back, but adore the simplicity and combination of colors. What makes me like this one especially is the photograph. A red Kimono on a orange background and offcourse the expression on the model's face give it such a whimsical and slightly mischevious feel. Everyone feels a little naughty sometimes. I like the idea of this dress being the "Red Dress" the one that stands out but also covers up.

Designer: Unknown

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Sorry I've been MIA but unfortunately my life keeps getting busier. I'm soooooooo excited about my collection though. Another four pieces are complete, I hope to have pictures up in February. I'm travelling tomorrow, so I'm making 6 posts today. So insha'Allah, I'll see you when I get back!! Stay tuned...

Armine Blues

Armine Blue

I love this Armine scarf. It's baby blue and the designs in it are very lighthearted. Paired with this white blouse it's a perfect "innocent" look. For days when you want to look demure and innocent, baby blue and white are your best friend.

Designer: Armine

Arabian Nites a Treat

Arabian Nites Purple

Some of the abayas and jilbabs from British store Arabian Nites are an absolute treat. I especially adore this purple number with silver trim and coordinating hijab. What I love about this outfit is it's simplicity. This is the type of dress i can see all types of women wearing regardless of religious beliefs.

Designer: Arabian Nites

Amina Al Jassim Lilac Dream

Islamic Fashion Designer Amina Al Jassim sure knows how to create regal works of art. Her choice of fabric, the cuts, the detail all combine in exquisite harmony to produce clothes fit for royalty. The soft lilac adds a gentle femininity to the outfit. And the deep magenta robe adds richness and texture. The drawstring purse is a cute addition and perfect accessory. Now if I only had a ball to attend, or a prom, or a coming out party (j/k) I'd be all set.

Designer: Amina Al Jassim

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, productive, beautiful, energetic, healthy, inspiring, prosperous and fantastic New Year!!!

My biggest resolution for this year is to do more. I want to get better at html coding & css style sheets. I want to finish my collection and get it out there. I want to do more volunteer work. I want to inspire people this year and help them build their dreams. I want to get better at staying in touch, perhaps even go back to letter writing.

I already helped my mom this past week get started on her baking business. 3 more pieces from my collection are complete and I already have an order to make one custom piece. I have a few web design projects lined up. So already I'm on my way to completing my resolution to do more. What're some of your New Years Resolutions?

May all your resolutions come true!