Muslim Girl Magazine Review

So on Saturday I got my first Muslim Girl Magazine. I was so excited. Like everyone, I'd heard about the magazine and been to the website which is sadly lacking in information. I'd seen videos on Youtube and references on different sites so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Most of the reviews I saw were bad, but offcourse always stubborn I wanted to make up my mind about it. So I subscribed and after I'd given up hope of ever seeing it, it showed up.

I must say I was very disappointed. It ended up being like a really fancy glossy catalog. The clothes & accesories they featured were really not that cute or original or interesting. And there was only 1 or perhaps 2 women wearing hijab in the whole magazine. Very few articles. The only feature I liked was that of muslim designers. I checked out their sites, but I already knew most of them anyway. The only other article I found informative was one about how Tunisia is banning the hijab in Universities and some public places. I was disappointed that they didn't have an interview with the cover girl and only had her "stats"

There seemed to be one too many pictures of girls in makeup and they just looked like random stock pictures that didn't always connect to the story.

I was really saddened by the magazine because I was really truly looking forward to having a Muslim Girl friendly magazine to read. Azizah and Al Jumuah are much better.

I think next I'll subscribe to Sisters magazine hopefully that'll be better. But I think it's geared to an older demographic?

Any other sisters subscribe to Muslim Girl? Did you like it? Or not? I know it's easy to criticize others when they're doing something that you can't or aren't doing, but I feel that this Magazine has labeled itself as a "Muslim" Magazine, so we should have a say in what we value and what we like or dislike about it. And perhaps they'll listen or perhaps someone else will listen and create a magazine for us.

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