New York Fashion Week: Chado Ralph Rucci


These dresses by Chado Ralph Rucci are lovely. I have issues with both of them though. Before I saw the detail of the print on the left dress I was so excited and loved the big bold color amidst a black canvas. When I realized the detail was an image of a statue possibly a Buddha, I wasn't very happy. That being said, I like the cut of the dress and the idea of a large (preferably inanimate) print. It would work nicely with a cardigan or a bolero or some really long gloves and a pashmina.

The second dress looks like an abaya to me, although a little tighter than need be. And off course it's transparent. I actually like that about it because it gives you a chance to add your personality to the outfit. Add a vest, a sweater or t-shirt with a bright bold color inside and watch it pop through the mosaic.

Designer: Chado Ralph Rucci

New York Fashion Week: Chocheng


I can't stop looking at this dress. I like it's color and that slight grecian feel it has. Most of all it excites me to see an outfit that's perfectly fashionably modest! All hijabis need to complete this look is a scarf and any kind will do. Although a silk or satin one would probably work best. The best part is you can pair this dress with different jackets to add color and texture to the dress.

Designer: Chocheng

New York Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Dress

When I think about beautiful elegant dresses that are wearable, I think Carolina Herrera. Her clothes have an old world glamour about them and seem to offer a certain confidence and elegance to the wearer. This outfit because of it's muted color is very wearable and the sweater makes it very comfortable and liveable. The bouncy skirt at the bottom adds a touch of romance and girlish femininity.

Designer: Carolina Herrera

Have a Little Navy Fun

Sharah Navy Combo

Sharah Collection is the brain child of Nazeela Rahman-Shaw. She's one of recently emerging muslim designers hijabifying the modern world of fashion. While I applaud her work, I'm not the biggest fan of Sharah Collection. I find most of their clothes to be matronly, but this two piece navy combo is out of this world! The scarf they use adds just the right amount of color so it's not completely monochromatic. Even the model looks like she's enjoying the outfit.

Designer: Sharah

New York Fashion Week: Ana Sui

Ana Sui Tops

New York Fashion Week has a few Hijab friendly pieces that are cute. I like these dresses from Ana Sui. They're long with long sleeves and would work really well with long pants underneath. Even the neck has a high collar. They're Victorian inspired and have that lacy femininity. That being said, I'm sure the price tag will be what keeps you away.

Designer: Ana Sui

Artizara Denim Hoodie

Artizara Denim Hoodie

This is such a lovely treat. I'm such a big fan of hoodies and think they instantly hijabify unruly tops. What makes this hoodie so cool is that it has been lengthened so that not only does it hijabify the top of your outfit, but it hijabifies the bottom. I'd love to see this hoody in different fabric and colors though because I'm not a big fan of wearing denim on top.

Designer: Artizara

The Scarf Makes all the Difference

Although I've chosen this outfit today, I'm not it's biggest fan. I chose it because of the scarf. I like the scarf's color and how it matches the outfit perfectly. It adds a bit of seriousness and sophistication to a playful dress. And off course the sleeves are just the way I like them. Nice and loose but gathered at the wrist so they don't slide off and get in your way.

Designer: Setrms

Marabo's Sofia Blouse

Marabo Sofia Blouse

I love this Polka Dot Sofia Blouse from Marabo. It's long, simple and perfect for summer. I'm always looking for something that's light and airy but very modest as well and this is the perfect combination. They have the same blouse in different colors so there's something for everyone!

Designer: Marabo

The Devil is in the Embroidery

Al Anwar Embroidery

I chose this embroidered Abaya because of the colorful embroidery. It reminds me of all these colorful moroccan robes I've been seeing. Moroccans really love color and detail which is one of the things I love about this country! I wanted to just take pictures of everything so that I could create a color scrap book, but they've just joined the collage of colorful outfits in my mental scrap book. Sometimes I blink and I see a dress in amazing colors and textures and I know I haven't seen it before. So I wonder whether it's my subconscious creating outfits out of all the inspirational things I've seen over the years. For me fashion is about color and texture. I love color and that sensation you get from looking at a pink flower next to it's green stem, or a rich painting contrasting on a white wall. Everything about Morocco screams color. From the orange trees that line the pavements to the detailed islamic art etched into the ceilings and the myriad of colors in the furniture. I can't get enough of the art and color in the tagines and bowls, and lets not get started on clothes! lol even the food is colorful with all the veggies in a couscous. Okay maybe the Moroccan Tourism Board should hire me!

Designer: Al Anwar Fashion

Out in Morocco

So this weekend dawned with me in Morocco. If you had asked me last week where would I be, I certainly wouldn't have said Morocco. But that is how destiny works. My aunt is ill and I came with her to the hospital. So please pray for a speedy recovery for her insha'Allah. Just wanted to give an update on why I haven't made a post in a while. Till soon, stay warm.