Color Me Yellow

I guess I just can't seem to stay away from flowing yellow dresses. Here's another one from Chick Downtown

Monday Blues

I'd tried uploading this post before but couldn't so although today is not Monday, I'm going to go ahead and post it anyway. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Blogger Issues

I've been trying to post new dresses, but I'm having trouble with blogger, I can't seem to upload images. Is anyone having similar issues?

Peasant Dress

Although this peasant dress is off the shoulder, it's pink raspberry color is adorable and it's length in terms of sleeves and length is perfect! Besides, you can easily cover your shoulders with a white hijab. I wouldn't wear pink just because that would be overkill. Click here to buy it.

Ankle Length Skirts

Newport News is rocking ankle length skirts in multiple colors this season. Be sure to pick one up. You won't be able to stop feeling feminine and beautiful. All that flowing fabric will make you feel like something out of Arabian nights and the color choices will conjure visions of a Bollywood musical. Click here to buy it.

As Promised

As I promised here are some pictures of some of the colors and textures in my collection. I hope you like them!


When I started my collection, I started with Accessories and now I'm going back and forth between the clothes and the accessories. I must say making accessories is a lot more fun, it's quicker and much less work.

This week I'll post up pictures of some of the accessories as well as pictures of some of the colors in my collection. Oh and the best part is I've picked a name for the collection but I won't post it here until I purchase the domain name.

The Modesty Trend

2008 will probably be remembered as the year that modesty became fashionable again. If you look at the runway these days you'll find a lot of the outfits are modesty inspired. Whether it's the long flowing dresses or the puffy sleeves all the designers have atleast one outfit in their collection that's Islamisized. Check out collections from Salvatore Ferragamo and Dolce & Gabbana

Design Inspiration

Today I watched Arabian Nights and I was fascinated by the clothes. Do you ever find that you see a certain outfit in a movie and feel transported to another time and place? Well it's been the second time within a 1 month span that I've been inspired by period pieces or costumes. The other two movies I was inspired by were Pride & Prejudice (the most recent one from 2006 I think) and Becoming Jane. the whole time I kept thinking those dresses are so modest they just need to add this here, reduce that there etc.

I'm so excited I got some new beautiful flowing fabric and started work on my dress collection. I can't wait to show you some, but I don't want to give it away too soon.

As I said before I like an abaya as much as the next person, but I also love color, patterns, florals, geometric & abstract shapes and varying textures. I'm evening starting to come around when it comes to embellishments and accents. My collection is for the Muslima who wishes to look modestly beautiful but most importantly she'll feel great! She'll feel comfortably covered yet adorable.