Add Some Turk to Your Step

Trina Turk

Add a little spring to your step with a few more choices from Trina Turk. This Fuchsia jacket is more muted than the Oasis Trench and it's wool so it'll really keep you warm. As for the dress, it'll bring it's own attitude so you won't have to.

Designer: Trina Turk

Oasis Fuchsia Trench

One can never have too many trench coats, so here is another one to add to your closet. Fuchsia is a bold choice of color and unfortunately not everyone wants to be noticed. For the person who does, this color will make you stand out from the heard. If your resolution in 2009 is to be noticed, then this is the trench and color to make sure you're no longer a wallflower.

Designer: Oasis

Spiegel White

I know there's the whole "no white after labor day" rule, but since not everyone lives in the USA, the rule doesn't apply to everyone. And besides you'll look that much cooler by being the only one wearing white. This outfit will cool you down because it's white and because it's very loose. Just stay away from the ketchup!

Designer: Spiegel

Armine Mix & Match

The color of this scarf is outstanding! It's feminine yet decidedly grown up. While the outfit is more young adult than adult looking, the yellow got it my glowing endorsement. The grays and dark magenta manage to calm it down a bit.

Designer: Armine

Setrms Goes Polka Dot Crazy

This year I've been really into polka dots. Whether it's tiny pink dots on a brown background, or big black dots on white, you name it, if it was dotted, I was besotted. As the year progressed, I think we all got fed up with the dots especially when they started showing up in all colors including puke green. Inspite of that, I got excited when I saw this polka dotted suit by Setrms. It's a lovely suit combo that would look great in any wardrobe and I think the hijab kicks it up a notch in the elegance department.

Designer: Setrms

Monika Jufry Cuts it Right

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a big fan of citrus colors particularly lime green, tangerine orange and of course bright yellow! Which is why I adore this dress by Monika Jufry. I appreciate the simplicity in the design and the texture but ultimately, it's the color that really won me over. I like that the dress isn't floor length, I think the visual interest added by the pants underneath really complete the look.

Designer: Monika Jufry

In Africa the Sun Always Shines!

I don't know if it's the bright color, or the model's smile, but I love this picture and love, love, love the outfit! It inspired me to get my act together and make a post today. This outfit is an African Buba though it's a little different from the ones I've posted before. Those had longer tops, this one's top is shorter and the embroidery work is different. Wear this on a day when you're feeling not so cheerful and it'll transform the way you feel. We all know how much of a difference the right outfit makes. This is one of those outfits that'll make you smile bigger, feel like you're on top of the world and like there's nothing you can't do.

Designer: TeKay Designs

Busy as a Bee

Sorry I've been MIA for the past few days. I caught a bad cold and spent my days and nights in medicine enabled sleep and horrid bouts of coughing. Then got better and had to play catchup with work and before that was finished more work got thrown at me. Right now I'm sorting things out, and I can see glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel if it doesn't get covered by more work!

While I was sick, I had an idea. I thought since I have visitors from all over the world, wouldn't it be nice if you all sent me pictures of Fashionably Modest clothes from your part of the world, and I'd post them here for everyone to see. What do you think? If you're game, send them to: nusrahw at yahoo dot com

Till soon!

Eid Mubarak!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Eid! And that we get all the blessings in this day! Don't forget to send some tasty dishes to your neighbors and to give treats to the kids, smile for no reason, forgive everyone, and be on your best behavior! Treat this day as the special day it is and may Allah reward you for your actions!

Korean Elegance

Although I'm not sure what Korean brides wear on their wedding day, their traditional clothes are so formal and elegant and would be appropriate. I think they wear the traditional Hanbok. I'm not sure if they have a particular color specific to brides or if any color goes. I just love this Hanbok as it looks very elegant, very modest and very rich.

Romanian Wedding Festival

I chose this Romanian wedding outfit, because I think it's pretty interesting how any culture you look into you find that in their past and history, modest dressing is the way it was. I love the detailed embroidery on their vests and once again it seems white is inescapable. Every so often, some designer goes back to the past and finds something like embroidery, vests, gypsy skirts, etc and reinvents them, making sure to make them shorter, tighter and more revealing! Luckily, 2008 will be remembered in fashion as the year that Modesty became Fashionable again.

A Turkish Affair

It's back to white! While Turks do wear traditional outfits, I had a tough time finding nice ones. Even Fashionably Modest white ones were hard to find. These two dresses are hijab friendly at least. I like the length and style of the sleeve. It's long and it covers without being a hindrance. I hate those long sleeves that fall into your bowl of soup. As for the full length wedding dress, you can't go wrong with it! I mean just look at how adorable the hijab and veil are.

Colorful Indian Brides

Thankfully India fully embraces color and has yet to embrace white. Their weddings are beautiful colorful affairs where the only danger is in there being too much color. Traditionally, Indian brides wear red, but I've seen different colors worn as well. I picked this bride because she is very modestly covered and looks like she's wearing a hijab. I chose the pink wedding dress because it isn't red and because of the design. I think of all the weddings I'd want to be invited to, I'd want to be invited to an Indian, Traditional Thai, and a Moroccan wedding because of the variety and richness of the colors they use. White wedding dresses are nice and all, but color just kicks it up a thousand notches!

It's a Thai Wedding

It seems white really is a universal choice when it comes to weddings. When i think of Thai weddings, I think of golds, reds and really rich and luxurious colors, so i was quite surprised to find lots of white. And what I found really interesting was how in general the male outfit is a lot more modest than the female one.

I chose this picture because the couple is interracial and I believe that those weddings are the best because they do their part in decreasing racism, and increasing unity and harmony in the world. They celebrate the beauty in both their cultures and show that our similarities outweigh our differences.

An African Outfit

There are many countries in Africa, and as my friend Gina loves to say, Africa is a Continent! Because of that, I can't do justice to the myriad of African wedding dresses there are out there. This is just one type of outfit out of hundreds if not thousands. It's called a "Buba" and is worn predominantly in Nigeria by Yoruba women, although all Nigerian women wear it as well as women in other African Countries. Traditionally African brides wear really colorful clothes, but some do wear white. Here is a Buba in two colors. Would you wear this to a wedding? Out? To someone else's wedding?

A Maghrebi Dress Fit For a Bride

So the wedding is over, the guests have left, and we've cleaned and cleaned till we can't clean anymore. The house is starting to look like normal again, and we're starting to breath again. The groom is ready to fall down from exhaustion and is just worthy of pity. Hopefully when they get back from their honeymoon his batteries will be recharged.

I'll have pictures from the wedding, but before I shake off this exhaustion and look through the many pictures, I'll keep posting other weddings, brides, grooms, dresses, etc from around the world, so enjoy!

Here's a lovely Moroccan dress that's fit for a bride. It's regal, flowing and very colorful. It covers beautifully without looking stodgy. I just wouldn't recommend it for a June bride because the amount of fabric would certainly make you sweat a lot, but for a December wedding, I'd say this is perfect!