New Daily Hijabi Website

Daily Hijabi is launching a new site and blog this Friday December 16th, 2011. We'll feature a new hijab style everyday as well as tips and inspiration for the hijabi lifestyle on the blog. You can follow us on twitter at or like us on facebook at and we hope you bookmark us and visit us everyday at

Ramadan Mubarak & A Little Update

Daily Hijabi Magazine

Salamu Alaykum Dear Readers,

Sorry I've vanished for months! I've been busy launching a magazine and website Daily Hijabi as I mentioned before I disappeared. Which means that Fashionably Modest maybe merging or morphing into Daily Hijabi. You can follow the progress of Daily Hijabi on Twitter and sign up for the newsletter and to be notified when the site/blog is completed at Daily Hijabi For those of you living in Abuja, you can pick up a copy of Daily Hijabi at newstands and vendors.

The Magazine & Website will cover all topics from religion, to fashion, to health, finances and lots more so I hope you join me at Daily Hijabi.

Thank you, and may Allah grant us all the blessings of Ramadan.

An Ode to Deola

Deola Sagoe Dress

Since I can't get enough of Deola, here's another dress from her collection. It's beautiful but has a really deep plunging neckline that you'll have to cover up with a pashmina or something.

Designer: Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe Art in Fashion

Deola Sagoe

On today's runways and in fashion stores, we find that we've seen most things before and that few things strike us as "fresh" and "innovative". Deola Sagoe is one of those few designers that really offers striking innovative art. I'm so in love with her use of colors, choice of textiles and design sense. Unfortunately her clothes can only be considered modest with a lot of layering. Here's one piece that can be worn as a tunic and would look lovely with a loose flowing skirt or some pants.

Designer: Deola Sagoe

One Step at a Time

So I'm back from Camp and not officially starting work until the Tuesday after Easter. I have a few more dresses finished that have gotten a tonne of compliments. They are the 3rd pieces in the Work Wear Collection and I'm extremely proud of them. I know you're all wondering when the photo shoot will happen. I dropped by the photography studio yesterday and I still am not happy with the prices they're charging. So until we reach some agreement, I'll keep working on the clothes and if at the end of the day they're not willing to compromise on the price, then you might be stuck with my photography :)

I'm looking for sisters to help me with this blog and another site for Hijabi's Daily Hijabi so if you're interested please drop me a line to thanks!

Salsa's Dress

Salsa's Dress

My 12 year old sister wore this bright dress today and I couldn't resist taking a picture of it. It's long and goes all the way to her ankles but the top has a low neckline and very short sleeves so I'm only showing the bottom half. What do you think of the color? The fabric?

The Blouse Jilbab


So I took a picture of one of the latest pieces from my collection. My camera acted out so I didn't get to take enough pictures. Here's one that came out okay. I made this blouse jilbab for all the girls who want something that's a little fun and feminine but still completely modest. Right now it's available in fuchsia and brown. And it comes in two versions, with pockets and without. It's long and loose and has detail on the neck and the wrists. You'll get to see the whole dress soon!

Designer: Me!

New York Fashion Week: Adam


I'm not entirely sure why this designer has only one name but I love this outfit he put together. I think red is a difficult color to wear but this red jacket looks AMAZING with the cream colored mini dress. Surprisingly the red tights look good, but I'd wear this with brown work pants for a lovely New York fall/winter look. And I certainly wouldn't wear those velvet shoes.

Designer: Adam

New York Fashion Week: Academy of Art

Academy of Art

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this outfit. It seems partially drab, but at the same time I like the layering. It has a laid back-I don't care attitude which I dig. And I like the denim like color peeking through at the bottom and the light nice blue above it, what I don't like is the plaid-ish, white-blue color of the rest of the dress. The fingerless gloves are punkish and they match the black socks or tights. So all in all a mixed reaction for me but it's certainly an interesting outfit that covers and has personality.

Designer: Academy of Art

My Collection Preview

My Collection

Although I promised to have these pics up in February I failed miserably. Time is completely to blame. Here are some sneak peeks of some of the dresses from my collection that I took in my room. I'm not going to spoil them by showing everything. I'll wait till after the photo-shoot to post complete pics. Please leave comments I'd love to hear what you think!!

I started camp today and although I made it home today, I may or may not be back for three weeks. If you don't hear from me, then I'm away at camp and away from the internet. Till soon, stay blessed and keep fighting time!

Designer: Me!