An Ode to Deola

Deola Sagoe Dress

Since I can't get enough of Deola, here's another dress from her collection. It's beautiful but has a really deep plunging neckline that you'll have to cover up with a pashmina or something.

Designer: Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe Art in Fashion

Deola Sagoe

On today's runways and in fashion stores, we find that we've seen most things before and that few things strike us as "fresh" and "innovative". Deola Sagoe is one of those few designers that really offers striking innovative art. I'm so in love with her use of colors, choice of textiles and design sense. Unfortunately her clothes can only be considered modest with a lot of layering. Here's one piece that can be worn as a tunic and would look lovely with a loose flowing skirt or some pants.

Designer: Deola Sagoe

One Step at a Time

So I'm back from Camp and not officially starting work until the Tuesday after Easter. I have a few more dresses finished that have gotten a tonne of compliments. They are the 3rd pieces in the Work Wear Collection and I'm extremely proud of them. I know you're all wondering when the photo shoot will happen. I dropped by the photography studio yesterday and I still am not happy with the prices they're charging. So until we reach some agreement, I'll keep working on the clothes and if at the end of the day they're not willing to compromise on the price, then you might be stuck with my photography :)

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