The Devil is in the Embroidery

Al Anwar Embroidery

I chose this embroidered Abaya because of the colorful embroidery. It reminds me of all these colorful moroccan robes I've been seeing. Moroccans really love color and detail which is one of the things I love about this country! I wanted to just take pictures of everything so that I could create a color scrap book, but they've just joined the collage of colorful outfits in my mental scrap book. Sometimes I blink and I see a dress in amazing colors and textures and I know I haven't seen it before. So I wonder whether it's my subconscious creating outfits out of all the inspirational things I've seen over the years. For me fashion is about color and texture. I love color and that sensation you get from looking at a pink flower next to it's green stem, or a rich painting contrasting on a white wall. Everything about Morocco screams color. From the orange trees that line the pavements to the detailed islamic art etched into the ceilings and the myriad of colors in the furniture. I can't get enough of the art and color in the tagines and bowls, and lets not get started on clothes! lol even the food is colorful with all the veggies in a couscous. Okay maybe the Moroccan Tourism Board should hire me!

Designer: Al Anwar Fashion


  1. Salaams Sister,
    I just got back from this fabulous embroidery factory here in Marrakech,. It is so exciting to see all of the gorgeous work that they do. I'll be posting on it soon, insh'Allah.
    Fi Iman Ilah,

  2. You made ache for a visit to Morocco, Inshallah soon, I hope you will be with me, since you are the expert on Morocco.

  3. Salaam Najea,
    My aunt is doing great! Alhamdulillah we're all back home already. I can't wait to see the embroidery pictures.

    I'd go to Morocco any day of the week and you know I'd travel to the end of the earth and beyond with you Hoda, I just hope when you're ready to go, I'm not otherwise engaged. Perhaps we could pay sister Najea a visit!