New York Fashion Week: Chado Ralph Rucci


These dresses by Chado Ralph Rucci are lovely. I have issues with both of them though. Before I saw the detail of the print on the left dress I was so excited and loved the big bold color amidst a black canvas. When I realized the detail was an image of a statue possibly a Buddha, I wasn't very happy. That being said, I like the cut of the dress and the idea of a large (preferably inanimate) print. It would work nicely with a cardigan or a bolero or some really long gloves and a pashmina.

The second dress looks like an abaya to me, although a little tighter than need be. And off course it's transparent. I actually like that about it because it gives you a chance to add your personality to the outfit. Add a vest, a sweater or t-shirt with a bright bold color inside and watch it pop through the mosaic.

Designer: Chado Ralph Rucci


  1. that black one would be so nice with a bright coloured dress underneath

  2. You're quite right Ange - The see through part goes all the way down, and if you wore a shirt or sweater you'd have to wear pants or a skirt, but a dress would be the same color all the way through.