An African Outfit

There are many countries in Africa, and as my friend Gina loves to say, Africa is a Continent! Because of that, I can't do justice to the myriad of African wedding dresses there are out there. This is just one type of outfit out of hundreds if not thousands. It's called a "Buba" and is worn predominantly in Nigeria by Yoruba women, although all Nigerian women wear it as well as women in other African Countries. Traditionally African brides wear really colorful clothes, but some do wear white. Here is a Buba in two colors. Would you wear this to a wedding? Out? To someone else's wedding?


  1. Haha.
    Weirdly I have never seen anyone with this outfit, but I know it. ^_^


    (Yes, I am Nigeria)


  2. Salam Hafsah,

    My best friend wore a buba - although in different colors and textures - at her wedding. Actually she wore 3 if I remember correctly. She changed about 4 times including once into a white wedding dress. She looked Stunning! And off course was VERY Fashionably Modest :)