Colorful Indian Brides

Thankfully India fully embraces color and has yet to embrace white. Their weddings are beautiful colorful affairs where the only danger is in there being too much color. Traditionally, Indian brides wear red, but I've seen different colors worn as well. I picked this bride because she is very modestly covered and looks like she's wearing a hijab. I chose the pink wedding dress because it isn't red and because of the design. I think of all the weddings I'd want to be invited to, I'd want to be invited to an Indian, Traditional Thai, and a Moroccan wedding because of the variety and richness of the colors they use. White wedding dresses are nice and all, but color just kicks it up a thousand notches!

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  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    isn't white the color of mourning in India? I'm not sure but maybe that's one of the reasons why indian brides don't wear white! :o) Anyway, why wear a boring white dress when you can wear a beautiful outfit in your favorite color! :P