Setrms Goes Polka Dot Crazy

This year I've been really into polka dots. Whether it's tiny pink dots on a brown background, or big black dots on white, you name it, if it was dotted, I was besotted. As the year progressed, I think we all got fed up with the dots especially when they started showing up in all colors including puke green. Inspite of that, I got excited when I saw this polka dotted suit by Setrms. It's a lovely suit combo that would look great in any wardrobe and I think the hijab kicks it up a notch in the elegance department.

Designer: Setrms


  1. This is soooo beautiful. I'm into jacket and I have to say, this is the best one i see!!!=)

  2. Setrms is really good at making jackets and suits! They're so feminine, stylish and professional all at the same time! I wish they had stores near me.