A Maghrebi Dress Fit For a Bride

So the wedding is over, the guests have left, and we've cleaned and cleaned till we can't clean anymore. The house is starting to look like normal again, and we're starting to breath again. The groom is ready to fall down from exhaustion and is just worthy of pity. Hopefully when they get back from their honeymoon his batteries will be recharged.

I'll have pictures from the wedding, but before I shake off this exhaustion and look through the many pictures, I'll keep posting other weddings, brides, grooms, dresses, etc from around the world, so enjoy!

Here's a lovely Moroccan dress that's fit for a bride. It's regal, flowing and very colorful. It covers beautifully without looking stodgy. I just wouldn't recommend it for a June bride because the amount of fabric would certainly make you sweat a lot, but for a December wedding, I'd say this is perfect!

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