All About the Embellishments

Rania Al Bastaki

These dresses are by Rania Al Bastaki an Emirati designer who's got great style and pays great attention to detail. These two dresses have incredible detail and I can only imagine the number of hours it took to complete each one. In the end, the dresses turned out remarkable, but is all the embellishing actually necessary? Would you be happy with a dress with half those embellishments but just the same colors? Or do the embellishments make the dress?

Designer: Rania Al Bastaki


  1. hey love the pic its so 9ice am i love the indians its so pretty the jewlery are so nice plus there cloth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't even have words to describe how beautiful these dresses are. They're not Indian although they look it. They're made by an Emirati designer and you know arab women, always wearing the most gorgeous dresses under all the black!