A Taste of Morroccan Fashion

Moroccan Kaftan

Fashion in Morocco has certainly grown since I lived there as a teenager. I have always loved the use of colors and layering in their fashion. Here is a Kaftan that I picked because the color is the opposite of the ones I normally see. In fact this is the first one I've seen with such a severe color combination. Would you wear this? And where would you wear it to? I'm not sure who designed this, but below are links to two stores that carry beautiful Moroccan fashions.

Designers: Les Princess D'Orient and Zahara Haute Couture


  1. I like the cut but don't know where I could wear this to....

  2. Yeah sometime that's the problem with haute couture it's too fancy on occasion. And in this instance, the color is somewhat dark and sombre, not exactly something to wear to a cheerful event like a wedding.

    Perhaps it would work if you were going to a black tie event...?

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