Artizara Artful Clothes


Artizara creates beautiful dresses that are works of art while at the same time wearable. This lovely green tunic called the Feroza Tunic comes with a matching green scarf. I not only love the combination, but how they tied her scarf. The lighter green color peeking out from under the scarf is adorable. If you like this design, then you'll love to know that they have the same tunic in brown, though i like the green one much better.

Designer: Artizara


  1. woow blue i luv it muwah! its so fab i cant belive it i just luv it and the style the design its rili cool!!!

  2. I'm glad you like it. What do you think of the style of her scarf? Would you wear a scarf like that? I like how it looks under her neck and over her head, but the rest of it seems a little long and just hangs there.