It's Scarftastic!


Scarves come in all sorts of sizes and colors, but I must say my favorite scarves come from Turkey. Their scarves are available in every color and evoke all kinds of feelings. They have bright cheerful scarves, impressionist paintings, military themed ones, animal prints... and the list goes on. The best part of it all is that the scarves are made of silk which is very soft to touch and makes the colors stand out that much more. In NY I can usually spot a Hijabi's head who's wearing one of these above the crowd of NY citizens and I must say it makes me happy and I want to run to her and say Salam Sister! Do you often find that when you're in a predominantly Muslim country, you ignore Muslimahs you see but when you're in a secular or non Muslim country you're in love with your Muslim brethren and feel a kindred spirit and connection with them? Or is it just me?

Here are some silk scarves from Bluebell at reasonable prices. My only issue with them is that most of the time, their scarves are too small!

Designer: Bluebell Wholesale

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