Thando Zamxaka

Thando Zamxaka

The clothes by this 30 year old designer are so African and so modern. The combination of ethnic prints and solid colors combine to create a truly unique outfit. For the adventurous woman who wants to be one of a kind, Zamxaka is the designer for you. This is someone who embraces his roots, and dares you to join him. He certainly knows how to mix and match his fabric. I love the Africa on this skirt though I'm not sure I could pull it off. Would you be brave enough to wear this outfit?

Designer: Thando Zamxaka

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  1. this one isso nice im sure not everyonewould lyk it but the combination of the colours are very nice brown and orange and it shows a little map if am correct thats rili cute and funny to its very pretty i luv it so much !!!!!!!